Life cycle management

Elevate your advisory with accurate data and timely alerts

Derivative Partners offers comprehensive, independent and product-agnostic life cycle management (e.g. corporate actions, barrier hits, coupon payments) designed to increase adoption of structured products in client portfolios. The solution allows you to actively manage your risk with timely alerts about potential asset events and access to data at any time via API or data export. Comprehensive coverage of products combined with independent and proactive risk management means your relationship managers and advisers can help clients with confidence.

The solution from Derivative Partners gives you fully flexible input and output data, alongside low setup costs and a shorter time to market.

Benefits of structured products life cycle management

  • Boosts advisor confidence & improves advisory

  • Increased adoption of structured products in portfolios

  • Leads to higher turnover & profits

  • Saves costs by offshoring testing

Key features

Delivered data

  • Risk/risk figures

  • Maturity (e.g. initial maturity, autocall probability)

  • Barriers (e.g. barrier hit probability)

  • Yield estimates

  • Cash flows (e.g. coupon payments)

Delivery method

  • Rest API (push or pull)

  • Export service - ASCII file via SFTP