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Higher returns for your clients and more confident advisory services, all underpinned by the most accurate, up-to-date information

Structured products made simple

Derivative Partners has been providing information, tools, research and calculations for complex financial products for over 15 years. Our structured products offering is designed to meet the needs of clients anywhere in the structured investment products value chain for data, precision and transparency. Our easy-to-use independent valuation service and life cycle management services are offered globally and handle products from all over the world.

Our team provides the resources to help you manage derivatives and structured products efficiently, so you can effortlessly step up your level of advice and achieve better risk management.

Thanks to our affordable offering, it is easier than ever to manage structured products in client portfolios. Relationship managers rely on our services to underpin their ability to provide premium advisory with confidence.


Derivative Partners has no connection to any sell-side or buy-side parties, so the market can fully trust our structured product services.

Service model

Our structured products services are highly scalable with a very fast time to market.


Our fair and transparent models allow your relationship managers to confidently share the latest products and insights with clients.

Derivative Partners

World of Structured Products

This 370-page book contains everything you need know about structured products in Switzerland and the Swiss Derivative Map. Order it now directly from the Swiss Structured Products Association (SSPA).

Our extensive experience helps you optimize management and improve transparency in the world of structured products

Independent valuation service

Take advantage of our independent valuations, including implied volatility surfaces, implied dividends and calculations of risk and key figures, to efficiently incorporate structured products into your risk management and investment offering.

Data API

Connect to the latest structured products data from CONNEXOR (SIX Swiss Exchange) with a web-based API solution for reference data and key figures.

Life cycle management

Give your front office and advisers the confidence to offer structured products to clients, with up-to-date life cycle monitoring and product reports.

30+ clients use our solutions

Our clients include global investment banks, issuers of structured products, asset managers at private banks, insurance companies, exchanges and associations.

Derivative Partners

Swiss Derivative Map©

The Swiss Derivative Map defines all structured products categories and product types for a straightforward overview of the world of structured products. The map is produced and updated by the SSPA in conjunction with SIX Swiss Exchange and Derivative Partners.